This page is a collection of various photos of Pepper, one of my best friends from 1985 when she was adopted from the local Humane Soceity to her death in 2002. There was some debate as to what was her dominant breed, but I couldn't have cared less. She was this crazy little dog who always had a wagging tail and didn't care who you were or what you had done. Whether it was tossing a ball in the backyard or just letting you pet her, she was the best friend I had.

Just a note: These pictures are presented in no particular order or time line. Just As I felt like putting them in or as I found them.
My understanding is that when she was at the Shelter, Pepper was kept in the cat area since she was such a small thing as a puppy. I guess this expains how she is able to remain calm around cats, such as my brother's cat Spooky seen here.
Bath time was not exactly one of Pepper's favorite things (can't say that I blame her). Bath time was unfortunately one of the necessary things to keeping a pet healthy whether the pet likes ot or not. At least it was better than having the vet bathe her. To the right is my mother who had the honor of this particular bath time; while I followed with the camera. She'll probablly kill me for putting this particular picture on the internet.

At right is Pepper and my cousin Laurie's dog "Bailey." I am assuming that they were playing, although I wonder what was going through Bailey's head. I don't think that she was playing. If I remember correctly, someone interviened. I would havenever allowed anyone to hurt pepper.

Again with the cats. This time with my brother's other cat, "Squeaky."

Below: Whom ever says that dogs can't understand what you are saying doesn't know what they are talking about. Pepper could understand lots of words, like "walk." Here is Pepper with my Dad (another one who may not appreciate his picture on the net.) At the right is the car I learned to drive in (and the first of many that I have wrecked) and took Pepper for many rides in also. "Wanna go for a ride!!??" was something that Pepper understood quite well. She was with me only once when I had an "incident," with another car, but that did not dampen her enthusiasm for riding.

Above: Pepper at Christmas time (year unknown) Unfortunately, she had developed a bad habit of chewing on her self. Don't know if it was itching or what, but she would chew the skin off of you let her.

Right: Pepper trying to take a nap.
Below: Guarding the Christmas Tree.

I sometimes got the impression that pepper didnot care too much for being photographed.  

Below: Another picture my mother will probablly not appreciate being on the internet.

Right: Even as a young puppy, Pepper was feeling a bit over photographed

Right: BUSTED!!

Left: Behind that couch was one of her favorite places to hide.

Right and Below: Pepper was such a tiny thing when she was a puppy. When we first adopted her in 1985, we tried to use that white fence to either keep her contained or to keep her out of somewhere we didn't want her. Needless to say, it didn't work as she was so small. Like when we tried to keep her out of those leaves that fall.

Left: Who says dogs are dumb? They know lots of things like exactly where they are not supposed to be. Then they make a beeline right for it. Like in this picture. Pepper knew she was not supposed to sleep on the couch, so that's exactly what she would do. I think we finally gave in and put the blankets down for her anyway.

Some pictures of Pepper at Christmastime

Right: Christmas 1985

Left: The Christmas where the entire neighborhood got together and put out "luminaries," one evening a few days before Christmas.

Left:: Pepper at Christmas time. Here in 1989, the last time that it snowed here.

Surrounding: One of Pepper's favorite pasttimes was chasing the squirrels who dared to tresspass on her territory (basically that yard). I often wondered what she would have done if she had actually caught one. The squirrels were smart too. They stayed close to the tree to evade capture.

Left: Again in one of her favorite hiding places. Probablly after a hard day of chasing squirrels.

Right: Pepper put up with a lot of crap from us sometimes.

Right and Below: Christmas 1985 (the big box in the background was my first VCR - how times change, the computer I use to make these pages is a laptop that can write to DVD's) Pepper's first Christmas with us.

Left: Pepper and Bailey again. How we got Bailey to sit still to take this picture is beyond me.


Right: A stand-off with my brother's first cat, "Magic." Magic pretty much disliked...  ummm... everyone.

Above and Right: More of Pepper getting irritated with me and the camera.
Below: Pepper's face seems to be saying, "will you please put that thing down and do something about this nutty dog who has invaded my home, PLEASE???

Right: WHAT??
Below: After a bath.

Left: YAWWWNNN!!!!

Above: I pity the fool who tries to get past me!



Left: Still likes her toys even as she got older.

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