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and associated sites,,, and, .net, .info, .mobi, .name, .biz, .us and .ws.

If you have any questions for me, please Click Here and don't forget to abolish the SPEED_LIMIT before sending.
What is the purpose of these sites? Initially, my purpose for these sites was personalized e-mail addresses, but I have since decided that I would use these sites or other purposes too. I am still deciding what exactly I wish to do with some of these pages. Photography exhibits are high on my short list of things to do.
Why so many domain names? The domain I wanted initially was, but some cyber squatter was sitting on that, so I registered and it worked for a while before the host, yahoo domains decided that they would not offer smtp mail access, only web mail (which I hate). Later, I registered through a host/registrar in Maryland, which worked for a while before he moved on me (!) and I had a time and a half finding the host and getting access to the site and e-mail re-established (the fact that my laptop with the passwords and login to the control panel for died in the middle of this process did not help). I eventually found them, but not before came available and I got that set up on
I registered the .org, .net, .info, .name .biz, .mobi* and .ws domains simply to stake my place on the net and to keep cyber squatters and purveyors of kid-porn or other sick crap from using them with the more popular top level domains. Typing one of those into your browser will simply re-direct you to
Photography Exhibits? Mostly of places I have been and things I have seen and roads I have driven on. Iím really not into photos of people/animals. Mostly Scenery and Machinery. Note: I have moved most of the roads photography to one of my other sites: Coastal Georgia I do have some family gathering photos that I share with family only, that are on restricted directories.
Why are the family pictures on restricted directories? The short answer is that many of the photos have children in them and I don't want any perverts downloading those for their sick pleasure.
How are you creating these pages? I use a program called HTML Editor 2007 from Coffeecup Software for the web pages. Photo editing and some gallery creation has been done with Cool Moon Corp's Lview Pro software.
Who hosts your site? Who is the domain name registrar? The site is hosted by
The package I use is a Linux based shared hosting package referred to as, "Baby Croc," which comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth and allows me to host an unlimited number of domains.

Domain registration for is done by Hostgator as part of the Baby Croc package. All other domains are registered through
Can I use one of the, "digianfrancesco," domains? This may be possible, provided one of the following criteria are met:
1. Your name is, "digianfrancesco," in some form or another.
2. You are related to me, by blood and can prove it.

If you can meet one of these criteria, E-mail me and we'll talk. The only, "digianfrancesco," domain I am not willing to consider letting go of is as that's the one I am using and I don't feel like changing a bunch of links in every page I've created.
Do you have a Blog? My Space? Facebook? Not at this time. I may consider it in the future, possiblly for my screen name, "necromancer," (think the song from the '70's by Rush) that I use in discussion groups.
What happened to the E-mail addresses under the and domains? In short, I abandoned them.
What's with the, "SPEED_LIMIT," in E-mail links and how do I abolish it? It is a spam trap, so that I don't get a bunch of junk from spammers harvesting E-mail addresses from websites.

To abolish it, simply go to the, "To:" field on the E-mail message window and remove the, "SPEED_LIMIT" from the field, leaving the, "," part intact.
What is for? I use that for when I wish to refer someone to my website in casual conversation so that they person has a simple site name to remember. simply re-directs to
* A word about My registering is currently under the, "because I can," notion. As my web authoring skills evolve, I may create a site for viewing on mobile devices like iPhones and such if my time permits.